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Personally I believe that everything is possible.

When I first started internet marketing back in late 1999 – early 2000 my goal was to make $100K per year online… I have to admit at that time the goal literally took my breath away but I wanted to believe it so bad that I kept it in the forefront of my mind. I held on to it as I continued online working away… and I remember the first time in 2000 that I made a $7.00 sale without being home or doing anything… that was a turning point for me in realizing that this really is possible and I really did PUT money in my pocket from this little website thing I put up.

From that point on I decided to look at my goals in a broken down way… if I wanted $100K per year… I needed to average $273.00 per day. To me at the time that was much easier to accomplish this goal because now all I had to do is find a way to sell 3 $100 dollar items or 6 $50 items or 100 $2.73 items… this was a much more attainable goal for me and kept me working towards something.

Breaking down goals is a fun and easy way to increase your income…

If you want to make $500 a month… your goal is now $16 a day
If you want to make $1000 a month… your goal is just $32 a day
If you want to make $5000 a month… your goal is just $161 a day

And so on and so forth… my goal is to show you how to get that first $1… and to scale up from there on a daily basis. Far to many people focus on HOW CAN I GET $100K per year and not How can I provide value to the internet worth $273 a day or whatever their goal is. Focus on providing value, making things easier for people, helping people, and then find a way to monetize it.

My goal with simple sites big profits is to provide great value for my customers… and for those truly serious I think it will be a very worthwhile investment as it has for so many others.

Hope this helps :O)

If You Are In The JOB market here is an easy way to find out how much a job pays.

For full time workers take the hourly wages and multiply by two… so if you get $15 per hour… times that by two and get the number 30… then add 3 zeros.

So someone making 15 per hour makes $30K per year :o ) easy to do.

Here are some top jobs and what they pay:

If you are interested in starting an online business please click here

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  • Geraldine says:

    i also want to make money online that is why i immediately joined the google adsense program and also read a lot about making money on websites and blogs. i am also trying to learn affiliate marketing.

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